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Vision SkyNow X Pod System





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Vision Skynow X Starter Kit is an pocket size of A USB Driver. Integrating a built-in 450mAh battery with indicative light for Battery Life and supports max 8W power output. Skynow X Kit features the convenient top refill design with 1.7ml capacity. The Tiny Vape Pod will definitely bring you amazing vaping experience!

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June 2017

TVL Magnum Mod and Competition RDA



TVL Magnum Mod and Competition RDA

By Chris Mellides, Photos by Allan Kwasnik

The Magnum Mod from TVL is expertly machined and is well on its way to becoming one of my favorite mechanical mods to date.

Available in several different styles and metals, the Magnum is a more streamlined successor to TVL’s Colt .45 line of tubes and it’s one hell of an update to the company’s hardware line.

The model I’ve been kicking around is constructed from oxygen free naval brass and is dubbed the “scope.” The device features a hybrid connector at the 510, tapered sections at the top and base portions of the mod with a middle section that is fatter and contoured for a perfect feel in the hand.

The device feels sturdy and weighty, which I like as it affords me the kind of confidence that comes with owning and using hefty mods.

The Magnum utilizes a new button design not seen in TVL’s original mech mod lineup in that the switch is a one-piece design, where the button doubles as the device’s firing pin.

What this means for the user is a more simplistic switch that’s easier to clean, and no doubt contributes to less voltage drop, which makes for a harder hitting device overall.

Like the Magnum, TVL’s line of competition atomizers come in different finishes and deck styles to suit any vaper regardless of coil building knowhow and overall experience.

I opted for the 24 mm four-post brass atty with a stainless-steel base. While the TVL RDA and Magnum mod look positively great together, this deck type is well outside my comfort area. However, once you work past the initial nervousness, you’ve got yourself a build deck

that incorporates just about any build you can dream up.

The Competition RDA has bottom style airflow, not unlike the Kennedy RDA, but it allows for a much airier draw.

Similar to the mod itself, this atomizer is constructed from pure oxygen free naval brass and 99.9% pure terillium copper. The center post is removable and replaceable, which is great because copper does tend to degrade over time and after repeated use.

As far as performance is concerned, the TVL Magnum exceeded expectations. The one-piece button design allows for far less voltage drop when compared to other mech mods in its class. The ease of adjusting for battery rattle and disassembly of the switch are both huge positives.

I have found that with hotter builds the tube does tend to heat up, but never to the point where it raises any concerns.

Topped with the company’s brand of atomizer gives the Mangum a more uniform setup and the two together work well and make for a great combo.

I have used many other attys with the Magnum and they’ve all sat flush and worked brilliantly.

While I had been hesitant to add a TVL product to my collection, I was pleasantly surprised and glad that I finally bit the bullet. I likely would have been happier with a two post TVL RDA, which is available, but I cannot fault the Magnum mod itself.

If you’re looking for an American made mod, that brings a heap of quality and ruggedness to the table, you’d be hard-pressed not to consider the Magnum for purchase.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, the TVL Competition RDAs are also a worthwhile investment and look great sitting atop the Magnum.

You can find the full line of TVL products at authorized retailers nationwide and online at

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June 2017

Octopus Mods: Octo Squonk Verso Box



Octopus Mods: Octo Squonk Verso Box

By Chris Mellides

The Octo Verso is a mechanical bottom fed box mod handcrafted in Belgium and released by Octopus Mods.

The Verso is designed for squonking, and with the rash of 3D printed squonk mods flooding the market at the moment, the Octo Verso holds up just fine against the competition.

If you are unfamiliar with squonking, it’s an easy concept to grasp. In the case of the Verso, a squeezable plastic bottle holds your choice of e-liquid and is located inside the mod’s enclosure below the 510 connector.

With each squeeze of the bottle, e-liquid is fed into the 510 connector via a tube or a straw as it’s sometimes called, and is delivered into the hollowed out 510 pin of your atomizer. The result is having a device with the ability to easily saturate the wicks of your RDA without having to drip your juice.

The model I have is the ‘distressed black’ version. It’s very light and compact, so stealth vaping is assured. The contacts are made from pure silver and are said to be laminated by a Belgian jeweler. Whatever the case, the contacts have stayed put and allow for the mod to hit that much harder.

The Verso makes use of front and back panels, which can be easily removed and replaced. These are frosted clear panels that feel very durable. My guess is that they are constructed from plexiglass or a similarly tough plastic material.

It should also be mentioned that the front panel is held on by magnets and there is no play where the panel meets the mod enclosure whatsoever. Everything fits together well enough and has a solid feel.

The included plastic bottle holds approximately 5mls of e-liquid, which is great. The way that I and most people I know squonk is that we use higher strength nicotine in our liquids and prefer to use mouth-to-lung atomizers. As a result, 5mls lasts me the entire day, and occasionally I’ll have to swap my battery out for a second, though it’s rare that this happens. Often, one filled bottle of 6mg or 12mg nicotine strength e-liquid and a single 18650 will last me the whole day. User experience might vary.

Since this is a mechanical device you’ll have to have a good understanding of Ohm’s law and battery safety, which is something that I continuously stress, and for good reason.

To that end, realize that your battery life and the output voltage will drop during use until the performance ends up in the toilet and you’ll need to swap out the cell. The more you use the device the likelier you’ll be able to gauge when to change out your 18650 before you risk over-discharging the battery.

The Octo Verso has been a real joy to use overall. The bottle-feeding system works flawlessly and the compact size and light weight of the box means that carrying it with me never feels like a chore.

The mod hits well, thanks in part to its silver contacts, and I can honestly say that the performance is exactly what I would expect from this squonker and others in its class.

With that said, the only criticisms that I have are that the tube or straw that comes included with the bottle is too long and needs to be trimmed. Secondly, you may encounter a

small gap where your RDA is screwed down into the 510 connector of the Verso.

Despite those faults, I think that the Octo Verso is well worth the asking price and performs like a champ. With the popularity and subsequent scarcity of mods like the Verso, grabbing this bit of kit is a surefire win, if only for its accessibility.

The Octo Verso as well as a bunch of other similarly designed devices from Octopus mods can be purchased from Vapes by Enushi at

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2017 Future of Vaping Special Issue

MiPod brings CBD pre-filled pods to market



MiPod brings CBD pre-filled pods to market

By Corey Noles

Over the past year, the pod/closed system market has grown exponentially. Now with literally dozens of pods on the market, MiPod Tech LLC has taken a new direction – packaging their device with prefilled CBD pods.

The device, which on the surface looks similar to many others, comes pre-loaded with Pinnacle Botanicals full spectrum CBD.

With 250mg or 500mg available in the 1ml pod, the device compensates nicely for the reduced amount of product vaporized in such systems – which was an initial concern of mine.

What surprised me was how long the pods seem to last. As it is, I’ve vaped the same pod for more than a week at a slow to moderate pace, and it still contains roughly two-thirds of its original fill.

The device also ships with an additional empty pod that can be used for e-liquid or CBD as you choose. The bottom of the pod simply spins and unveils two small holes – one for liquid and one to vent while you fill.

I tried the additional pod with my everyday e-liquid and was pleasantly surprised. Because the exposed cotton is extremely small, I filled the tank and then let it sit for the afternoon in an effort to be certain it wicked sufficiently.

When I picked it up later, it vaped a 70/30 blend with no issues. Just remember to increase your nicotine level substantially because of how much less nicotine is vaporized in this type of system.

The MiPod packs a 500mAh internal battery, which lasted me about two days. In fact, that was on its factory charge – so I can’t say for certain it was a full charge.

The sleek device costs $39-85, depending on whether you want only empty pods, or this prefilled with CBD. Replacement pods range from $30-56.

It can be purchased online from

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